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June 12, 2017

Hey all, I am sorry I am lagging in the contest department, Sofia's school year coming to a close caught me off guard.. but if you entered my contest, I will be emailing all of you this button + code to add to your page :) I just have some cleaning and cooking to do, among other things. But thank you for entering and I'm excited to being the voting period!!

Also, due to postponement of voting, the contest will be extended by 2 days :) Take care, all <3

June 9, 2017

I bought photoshop o^~^o so letís see how production goes for the rest of this month.. Iím actually working on a design to make my homepage a business profile, which is why I made this bathtub.. however itís available for you to use if you want :p In any news, expect my URL to change relatively soon. Donít worry though, itíll remain within I am just going to add a new folder or something as a sub page.

Monday is my daughterís last day of school and Iím so pumped! YAY weíll all get to sleep in an extra hour >~<

Weíre also IN the process of purchasing land.. Iím kind of scared but I think itíll work out fine.

OH! And if you havenít already, join my contest :) The winner will get to pick either a stylesheet (mobile responsive upon request) or a bunch of pixel goodiesÖ so go for it. Tomorrow is the last day to get your entries in!

Have a great weekend, friends <3

June 3, 2017

does not hurry
yet everything
is accomplished."

- Lao Tzu

HELLO JUNE!! o^~^o Iím so excited for all of the opportunities waiting for us this summer; tons of family time, fishing, gardening, getting kissed by the sun and letting our imaginations run wild. I am trying to come up with a chore chart for my 6 year old (almost 7) to keep her disciplined over these next couple of months. So far the criteria includes finishing one chore daily by 10am, and if she is successful then at the end of the week she can bake something (Iíll help her, but she really wants to learn to cook, so Iíll just be there to help her along and answer questions :p)

Itís warming up rather fast here, and the sun is getting more intense, which has prompted a few new purchases for me >~<* I realized as I was driving the other day that it might be a wise idea to invest in a pair of sunglasses, so I picked out a pair on ASOS (Quay Australia Running Riot Aviator in Red) which I am SO stoked to receive. I love that ASOS has free shipping and returns, which came in handy when I got a bathing suit a while back, but I am sure these sunglasses will be oh-la-la.

I also ordered a few things from my favorite beauty line, Glossier. I have their tint and halo scope, but Iím realizing I need to focus on skincare more than beauty products. My sister got me an Aveda gift card for motherís day so I purchased their Radiant Dry Brush kit and I EFFING LOVE IT, so I wanted to elaborate on maintanence. Iíd really love to try Glossierís new line of SPF, but Iím going to wait a couple of weeks before my next order. Iím hoping thereíll be a 4th of July sale to take advantage of :p

Anyway, from Glossier I ordered their Super Pack to supplant as necessary on a day-to-day basis, Priming Moisturizer Rich to lock in moisture at night, and the original Priming Moisturizer to maintain moisture and reduce redness throughout the day. Iím very excited to get these.

I will do a bulk video review of all of these new things, I promise!! There are a couple other things Iíd like to review as well, like the African Soap I just got in Coconut Papaya; itís insanely luxurious but doesnít break the bank too much when you weigh the pros and cons. I love their deodorants, as well. I have their black seed and honey right now, but I will be getting the coconut papaya next :p Overall, I just trulyy adore their products because they work and I donít feel like Iím wasting money on something harmful or ineffective.

I also have TONS of flowers to start sowing this coming week. I live at 4,500 feet above sea level, so the rule of thumb up is here to wait until after June 1 to sow. Well, that time has come and gone so I will be headed to my neighbors this weekend to pick up as much cow manure as possible and get my soil amended.

I selected annuals because I live on a rental property, but I wanted them to mimic popular perennials as much as practical. The zinnias are so pretty and Iím so excited to see how things go. My friend, who lives not too far from here, is the property manager at a restoration project and is also in the loop with a local farmerís market, so I know if things go well, Iíll be able to sell by the stem/bouquet (which is a *dream* of mine) ^~^

!HAPPY JUNE, MY LOVES! May you be inspired and prosper the way your soul needs to as we transition to the season of milk and honey <3

PS: I think I may update with a new layout soon... hmmmm.....



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